ATR Frequently Asked Questions

  1. ATR Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as a related mental health field?

The ATCB Board has established the following as related mental health fields: Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Social Work, Psychology, Addictions Counseling, Psychiatric Nursing, and Psychiatry.

Can I participate in group supervision? 

Yes, the ATCB accepts group supervised direct client contact experience. The hours of supervision provided in a group setting must be divided by the number of participants in the group. Example, one hour of supervision with four individuals being supervised would equate to .25 hours of supervision.

Once I submit my ATR application to the ATCB, how long will it take before I am a Registered Art Therapist?

Applications are reviewed as soon as possible in the order in which they are received. Once the application is complete (all required materials submitted), the review process takes eight to twelve weeks. Applicants should check their MYATCB accounts for application updates. ATCB will notify applicants in writing regarding his/her application after the review of the application.

Am I allowed to have more than 3 references?

Yes. Although ATCB requires that all applicants provide at least three references (one must be from a current ATR), an applicant may include more if he/she likes.