1. Accessibility Options

The Art Therapy Credentials Board is committed to making information accessible to the public, credential holders, prospective credential holders, and others. We strive to make the ATCB web- site easy to navigate and view. Additionally, the resources outlined below may enhance accessibility to the Art Therapy Credentials Board?s website for all user groups, including those with a visual, hearing, motor, or cognitive disabilities. Computer operating systems and internet browsers provide several options for viewing or hearing website information. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about accessing the information on our website. We welcome your feedback.

Computer Operating Systems

Some computers have features that will make it easier to see and/or hear and to translate text into speech or speech into text. Please use the links below to learn more about the Microsoft Windows and Office, and Mac OS programs and the features that enable greater accessibility.

Internet Browsers

Internet browsers also provide several methods to increase the size of text, to improve contrast, enable voice recognition and keyboard options. Please see the links below for your preferred internet browser.

Google Chrome

Accessibility Features

  • Low-Vision Support
  • Full Page Zoom
  • Adjusting Font Face and Size
  • High Contrast and Custom Color Support
  • Keyboard Access
  • Screen reader support

Please click here to learn more about Google Chrome accessibility options:

Internet Explorer

Accessibility Features

  • Use the keyboard to surf the web
  • Change font size, formatting, and screen colors
  • Customize Internet Explorer to work with a screen reader or voice recognition
  • Improve the legibility of printed webpages

Please click here to learn more about Internet Explorer 8 accessibility options:

Please click here to learn more about Internet Explorer 9 accessibility options:

Mozilla Firefox

Accessibility Features

  • Full Page Zoom
  • Changing Fonts, Sizes, and Colors
  • Don’t load Images
  • The Find Bar
  • Find As You Type
  • Restricting JavaScript behavior
  • Browse With the Caret

Please click here to learn more about Mozilla Firefox accessibility options:


Accessibility Features:

  • VoiceOver Screen Reader
  • Enhanced Keyboard Navigation
  • Full-Page Zoom
  • Zoom Text Only
  • Minimum Font Size

Please click here to learn more about Safari accessibility options.