NOTICE: The ATCB has extended the July 1 2021-June 30, 2022 renewal period through July 31, 2021. The ATCB will afford a 30 day grace period August1-August 30 before credentials become inactive. There is a $30 late fee during this grace period. 

All renewals must be completed on MyATCB. Log into MyATCB:

If you don’t have an account on MyATCB, you will need to create one. All renewals must be completed online to ensure the mandated ethics attestation is completed.

If you have an account on MYATCB please note due to data and security regulations you may need to reset your username and password.

If you are an ATR-BC due for recertification, there are separate applications for renewal and recertification. Please see step-by-step instructions here. 

The ATCB credential year runs July 1 through June 30.

Beginning in May of each year, the renewal period opens on the MYATCB portal, where all credential holders have the opportunity to renew credentials for the upcoming credential year. All renewals must be completed via their MYATCB portal, the ATCB ended paper renewals in 2018. Renewing offline requires board authorization, please contact to request a paper renewal.

By June 30th of each year all credential holders – ATR, ATR-BC, and ATCS must complete their annual ethics attestation and pay annual maintenance fees should they wish to maintain their credentials.  The ATCB affords a 30 day grace period from July 1-July 31 for anyone who missed the renewal window, there is a late fee during this time. After July 31st any credential not renewed becomes inactive. Additional information about reinstating an inactive credential can be found here.

In addition, art therapists with board certification (ATR-BC) must complete a recertification process every five years. More information about recertification can be found here.

* Keep in mind, ATCB’s maintenance fees are separate from membership dues or license renewals you pay to any national, state, or chapter organization or entity. The ATCB is not affiliated with the American Art Therapy Association. 

Learn more: How to Achieve a Seamless Renewal & Recertification Season

Maintaining your:

Please email the ATCB National Office if you have any questions.