1. Volunteer

The Art Therapy Credentials Board is seeking a Public Member to contribute to the board’s work and the organization’s governance. The NCCA Standards require accredited certification programs to have a public member, defining the individual as “a representative of the consumers of services provided by a defined certificant population, serving as a voting member on the governing body of a certification program, with all rights and privileges, including holding office and serving on committees.”

The Public Member role is to bring a perspective to the decision-making of ATCB. The Public Member will:

  1. Represent the public’s, consumer’s, or user’s perspective and interest
  2. Bring new ideas and goals to the board to ensure these interests are valued
  3. Contribute to an unbiased perspective
  4. Encourage consumer-oriented positions
  5. Review and assess ethical matters
  6. Bring additional public accountability and responsiveness

The Public Member holds the same voting rights as the other directors and attends all pertinent meetings, including two annual in-person board meetings. The Public Member Director shall be appointed by the Board of Directors for a two-year term, beginning January 2021, and may be reappointed for a maximum of three consecutive terms.

Please contact Latoya Robinson, ATCB Executive Director for more information.