Important Updates: Please Review 

  1. Information

The ATCB has upgraded and automated all processes, to meet data regulation requirements and in response to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Be sure to update your email address and other personal information in your MyATCB portal. Please note the ATCB National Office cannot access your portal space to complete this for you. If you need assistance accessing your portal please contact the National Office

Please read the information below to learn about the changes and check this page of the website as it is updated regularly with additional information.


The ATCB has upgraded the application system, all applicants will need to provide the name and contact information for the following:

  • ATR-P Application: Supervisor. All ATR-P applicants can also directly upload their supervision agreement form. All transcripts must be official and emailed
  • ATR Application Supervisors and References. If your application requires an educational review, you will also need to provide the name and email of the individual verifying your practicum/internship and upload coursework verification form. All transcripts must be official and emailed to
  • ATCS Application: Endorser

The ATCB will contact these individuals directly to get the required necessary materials for your application. Be sure you check your MyATCB as there will be updates on when these materials are received and the status of your application.

For application updates please check your account on MyATCB. If your application has “Pending” or “On Hold” it is likely because you are missing application materials. If this is the case, there will be a notification in your MyATCB portal. This notification will outline what materials are still needed for your application packet to be complete and thus enter “review status”. Please follow up with your supervisors or references to ensure they have sent your materials. If you don’t see a “Missing Items” notification on your MyATCB please contact the ATCB application email . An application does not enter “In Review” status until all application materials are received-it is not from the time you applied online.

If your application is “in review”-at this time, the application review period may take up to 8-12 weeks from the date your application enters “In Review” status. Contacting us earlier may extend processing times for applications. During the annual renewal and recertification period, this time frame may increase. We thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Recertification’s and Renewals:

The ATCB credential year is July 1 to June 30. All credentials must have an updated ethics and credential attestations by June 30. Information on renewing your credentials can be found here:

Any credential without an up to date ethics attestation will go inactive and need to be reinstated.

Any ATR credential holder who also carries board certification AND the board certification cycle is ending, must recertify their board certification by June 30. Information on recertification can be found here:

If board certification is not recertified before the end of a recertification cycle, the BC distinction will no longer be valid. If more time is needed to attain the required continuing education or to retake the ATCBE a recertification extension can be requested. The application for this request is located in MyATCB portals.

If you are due to recertify your board certification (BC) please note that you will need to complete an application for renewal of your ATR and a seperate application for recertification. Step-by-step instructions for renewals and recertification can be found here. 

All renewals and recertifications must be completed via MyATCB to ensure the formal and required ethical attestations are completed and recorded. Board approval is required for any renewal or recertification not done via MyATCB. If you would like to request board approval, please email LeeAnn at

Please do not send a check to the National Office. It will be returned to Sender.  

Please note, the Art Therapy Credentials Board cannot control email servers SPAMMING emails sent by us. If you have had an ATCB email in your spam box please whitelist communication from us.

Click here for a step-by-step process on how to whitelist emails.

For step-by-step instructions on completing your renewal please visit:

ID cards will be uploaded to MyATCB accounts. This information can be found under the “My Files” tab in your account.  Credential verifications can also be found via the Find A Credentialed Art Therapist. NOTE: if you opted not to have your information displayed on our website, your information will NOT appear via the above search engine. If you wish to change your preferences and to have your information displayed during a search, you can do so via your MyATCB account.

Other Credential Holder Inquiries
  • ATR-P Supervision Contracts:
    As of March 2020, the ATCB no longer requires ATR-P credential holders to submit updated or new supervision contracts to the National Office.


  • MyATCB Login Issues:
    If you are having a difficult time logging into MyATCB, it is likely due to your password needing to be updated to meet data protection regulations outside the ATCB’s control. On the MyATCB gateway (bottom left corner) you will see the option to reset your username and password. For additional instructions please visit:


  • Credential Reinstatements
    If your credential is inactive, you can request to return to active status by logging into MYATCB, click on your credential (it will be a red box)-on the bottom left you will see Reinstatement click that option and follow the steps. Please note you will need to have a current ATCB credential holder submit an endorsement on your behalf. Additional information about reinstatement can be found here:



  • Examinations:
    If you applied to take the ATCB Examination (ATCBE), applications are processed and approved once a month, typically mid-month. If you are approved to take the ATCBE, you will receive a confirmation email from us indicating this. The confirmation email will also provide further directions on how to schedule your exam. NOTE: The ATCB does not- and cannot- schedule exams on behalf of candidates. Examinees MUST work with our exam provider Pearson VUE directly to schedule their exam. If you need to reschedule your exam, you must do so with Pearson VUE directly. ATCBE exam results are available 8-12 weeks from the date you took the exam.


  • Name Change:
    All name changes must be completed by logging into MyATCB. Once logged in, you will see the opportunity to change your name in the navigation bar located on the top right of the page.


the ATCB reaches every credential holder with important reminders and updates, there are natural limits on the frequency of these efforts due to administrative costs, data protection regulations, and the lack of up-to-date information from credential holders. The ATCB asks credential holders to remember to do the following:

  • Please be sure to update your email address in your MyATCB portal.
  • Please check your email SPAM folder, quarantine filters, or promotional tabs.  If an email from ATCB was diverted, then please mark the sender as safe. Click here for a step-by-step process on how to whitelist emails.
  • Please visit the MyATCB portals and the website from time to time for updates and other information.
  • Please mark your calendars with renewal and recertification reminders.  As of 2018, ATCB discontinued individual reminders by mail (as have many licensure boards and other credentialing organizations). In addition, ATCB minimally uses mass emails due to privacy and security concerns and the lack of current email addresses.