Important Covid-19 Information

  1. Covid19

As the Art Therapy Credentials Board (ATCB) closely monitors the novel coronavirus (COVID 19) situation in coordination with guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and state and local governments, the health and safety of our communities remain a top priority. The ATCB staff are working remotely. We are continuing to update our operating systems, please check MYATCB accounts and the website regularly as we will be using these primary forums for communicating information. Additionally, please email us as we work to update our phone systems.

Please see below guidance regarding applications, renewals, examinations, and essential information about the status of the ATCB National Office.


Regarding Recertifications and Renewals


All renewals and recertifications must be completed via MyATCB to ensure the formal and required ethical attestations are completed and recorded. Board approval is required for any renewal or recertification not done via MyATCB. If you would like to request board approval, please email LeeAnn at


Recertification will continue as planned. Any ATR-BC who is due to recertify their board certification will receive notification from the National Office within the next few weeks. A random sample of 10% or more of all those recertifying is audited each year. Any ATR-BC who is audited must email their acceptable documentation such as academic transcripts, certificates of attendance from recognized providers, or other proof as outlined in the recertification standards to

It is important to remember that the ATCB National Office has closed, staff will be working remotely. As such, we cannot guarantee anything mailed to the office will be received until after this crisis passes. While we will make every effort to retrieve voicemails, we strongly advise everyone to email their questions to

Additionally, we are unable to receive mail or send certificates or mass mail until the ATCB offices reopen. If you are in need of verification of your board certification for your employer this can be done via the national registry found here: The National Office can also create one for you, please email


Regarding Education Requirements for the ATR-P and ATR Application

To ensure that anyone providing art therapy is competent and meeting the educational and professional standards needed to be a qualified art therapist – essential in any mental health field, our standards will remain unchanged for our ATR-P and ATR credentials.

1. Education requirement:

I. A master’s degree or higher from a program approved by AATA or accredited by CAAHEP at the time of graduation. If the program is no longer approved, the applicant is responsible for obtaining verification of past approval directly from AATA or CAAHEP, and submitting that verification along with the application, OR

II. Applicants who do not hold a master’s or higher degree from a program approved by AATA or accredited by CAAHEP at the time of graduation must meet the education requirements as outlined below. All coursework must have earned credit from a college or university approved by a national or regional accrediting agency. An overall grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher is required for all coursework counted towards the credential.

Degree Requirement for application for the ATR is a master’s or higher degree with coursework in the following areas: human growth and development, theories of counseling/psychotherapy, psychopathology/abnormal psychology, psychological assessment, research, and field experience in a clinical setting. If an applicant does not have such a specific master’s or higher degree, they must have still earned a master’s degree or higher, and will still be responsible for collecting all of the listed mental health coursework and field experience prerequisites at the graduate level.

2. Practicum/Internship Requirement:

All applicants must complete a structured art therapy practicum course for graduate credit. The practicum course must be taught, supervised, or advised by a current ATR, ATR-BC, and/or ATCS. On-site supervision must be provided by someone with a minimum of a master’s degree in a mental health field and a current master’s level mental health credential or license. A master’s or higher degree in a mental health field must have been required to obtain that license or credential. A minimum of 700 hours of supervised art therapy practicum/internship, including a minimum of 350 hours of direct provision of art therapy services to individuals, groups, and/or families. The remaining hours may include supervision, case review, record keeping, preparation, staff meetings, and other administrative functions.

The ATCB allows telehealth and teleconferencing for client contact hours to meet the requirements due to the COVID-19 Crisis. Although we do not publish specific information on the use of telecommunication, below is a list of platforms that are HIPAA compliant. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and that you will want to ensure the platforms continue to be compliant:

Luxci Secure Chat
Secure Video

Supervision hours must be overseen and documented as such: individual (1:1) supervision hours must be accrued at a ratio of one hour of supervision for every ten hours of practicum/internship and/or group (two or more supervisees per supervisor) supervision must be accrued at a ratio of one and one-half hours of supervision for every ten hours of practicum/internship. A minimum of 70 individual or 105 group supervision hours is required.

The Accreditation Council for Art Therapy Education (ACATE) released a statement assuring CAAHEP accredited programs that they will be a resource to help them “navigate issues that impact their students,” including the potential for late graduation if internships cannot be completed within schedule. Schools that are approved by the Educational Programs Approval Board (EPAB) should contact EPAB administrators as a resource in implementing institution-wide policies. ATCB encourages colleges and university Art Therapy programs to take advantage of the resources ACATE is offering.

Regarding Application Submissions

Due to Office Closure, we are unable to mail Certificates and ID cards until we are authorized to return. ID cards are uploaded to MYATCB accounts. If you need a letter of verification please contact us at

Processing applications remains the utmost priority for ATCB. To ensure this process is not compromised because of the remote work required by the National Office, ATCB has upgraded its operating systems:


If you are submitting a document/form on behalf of an applicant, please send the document to the designated inbox, applications@atcb.orgThe ATCB is no longer accepting mailed application materials.  When application materials are received, we are updating application packets. As we are having to pull applicant items from numerous email inboxes (applicant materials should only be sent to, please allow up to six (6) weeks for processing BEFORE you inquire on the status of your application.

For application updates please check your account on MyATCB. If your application has “Pending” or “On Hold” it is likely because you are missing application materials. If this is the case, there will be a notification titled “Missing Items” in your MyATCB files tab. This notification will outline what materials are still needed for your application packet to be complete and thus enter “review status”. Please follow up with your supervisors or references to ensure they have sent your materials. If you don’t see a “Missing Items” notification on your MyATCB please contact the ATCB application email . An application does not enter “In Review” status until all application materials are received-it is not from the time you applied online.

If your application is “in review”-at this time, the application review period may take up to 8-12 weeks from the date your application enters “In Review” status. Contacting us earlier may extend processing times for applications. During the annual renewal and recertification period, this time frame may increase. We thank you for your patience and cooperation.


The ATCB has upgraded the application system, all applicants will need to provide the name and contact information for the following:

  • ATR-P Application: Supervisor. All ATR-P applicants can also directly upload their supervision agreement form. All transcripts must be official and emailed
  • ATR Application: Supervisors and References. If your application requires an educational review, you will also need to provide the name and email of the individual verifying your practicum/internship. All transcripts must be official and emailed to
  • ATCS Application: Endorser

The ATCB will contact these individuals directly to get the required necessary materials for your application. Be sure you check your MyATCB as there will be updates on when these materials are received and the status of your application.

The ATCS credential As of 2021 the ATCS standards were updated and are outlined in this handbook. There is a one-year grandfathering period should an applicant choose to follow the previous standards. Applicants opting to be grandfathered must have their applications submitted by December 31, 2021. Additional information about the new standards and grandfathering can be found here:

Please note that while the ATCB is working in a remote capacity we are unable to print and mass mail certificates. We are working to digitalize certificates.

Regarding Examinations

Due to social distancing mandates that vary state-to-state our testing provider Pearson Vue has decreased testing availabilities. As such ATCB has changed the ATCB Examination (ATCBE) windows from three (3) weeks to six (6) months. All candidates must test within their chosen six (6) month testing window. Candidates must work with the testing provider, Pearson VUE, directly to schedule an exam. Please note that testing site availability is contingent on state and federal social distancing regulations as well as Pearson VUE company policy.

Thank you for all the hard work you do every day to bring forward the practice of art therapy, and especially this week, as so many of you are going above and beyond. We will continue to monitor matters as they develop. We wish you, your families, and colleagues the best as we progress through these challenges.j